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Hot weather is soon to be here and right now you can prepare and take advantage of these specials:

A/C Tune-Up Special.
For only $92.95+parts this tune-up includes:  Making sure the system has the proper amount of freon, replace cabin filter, a performance test of the system and check for codes in climate control system.

Transmission Fluid Replacement.
Even though transmissions have no fluid replacement intervals, you would be amazed how much better they operate, and longer they last with a fluid change every 60,000 miles. In colder weather (and it's coming!) transmissions shift sluggishly with old fluid, full of debris or worse yet, they overheat. Be proactive, and try our transmission flush special for only $149.00. We flush your transmission with 10 quarts of premium synthetic fluid, inspect for leaks, inspect driveline and check for transmission codes.

Timing Belt Kit Special.
$425 for 5 cylinder Volvos using OEM parts.

Oil Change Special.
It is recommended to change the oil twice a year besides mileage intervals. Old oil does not flow very well especially in cold weather. This causes unnecessary wear to critical engine parts. Don't trust your car to one of those quick lube shops, I have seen and heard many horror stories over my 38 years working professionally on cars. For $50, you get 5 quarts of synthetic blend oil (additional cost for over 5 quarts). Or for $73 we will fill with 5 quarts of Duramax 5w-30 synthetic oil (additional cost for over 5 quarts). Either way, we can help you in a jiffy!


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